Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I begin my narrative with the facts.
Day: Tuesday
Time: 6:30 P.M.
Place: Pier 52, Seattle, Washington
Event: To be determined
Persons involved: Jake Anderson 16
Rachel Anderson 18

Knowing exactly where to go (using the built in navigation skills passed down from father to son in the Anderson Family) I navigated Rachel through the daunting halls of ...the ferry station...DA da da. Knowing that I could not loose Rachel because of the powerful grip that she attached on to my arm I pressed on in the churning sea of people bound for the destination that only a few of us actually succeed in finding. We went up three steep hill up to (believe it or not) third street. Then left one, two, three, four, five blocks to our destination. The air was thick, almost to a point that you could barely breath it. Thick that is with adrenalin, excitement. We found our seats, third teer, isle D, and seats 26-27. Now to what for the twenty-five minutes until the show started. Twenty-five minutes of sheer excitement. Finally it started. The concert arena was packed. The crowd was excited and the music almost ready to start. It finally started, but where was the guest of honor? The first song finished and then the festivities started. The stage hands got to work moving the music equipment. The masses of people started to get exited, the reason we were all here for was almost at hand. There he came the crowd started clapping and screaming. It was amazing to see him come swinging out with his canes flailing. His legs were in braces from the polio that he suffered when he was a small child. He played his peices with the rest of the musicians and it was all over. The clapping was deafening and when it started to slow down he spoke. In a stiff Israelie accent he said "Let us pretend that I have gone back and forth on the stage eight times" (clapping/laughter) "and let us also pretend that they have twisted my arm enough so that I finally agreed to play another piece, I will now play the theme from... Schindler's list." (roaring applause.) Want to know who it is?

Person: Itzhak Perlman
Place: Benaroya Hall