Wednesday, July 27, 2005

on three everybody start drooling





Michael Jackson is bad. If you had an issue here's a tissue.

By the way I think I need a chemical bath after thinking about him

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Rock on as y'all would say
_+88________________________ _+880_____________________________ _++88_____________________________ _++88_____________________________ __+880_________________________++_ __+888________________________+88_ __++880______________________+88__ __++888_____+++88__________+++8__ __++8888__+++8880++88____+++88___ __+++8888+++8880++8888__++888____ ___++888++8888+++888888++888_____ ___++88++8888++8888888++888______ ___++++++888888888888888888______ ____++++++88888888888888888______ ____++++++++000888888888888______ _____+++++++000088888888888______ ______+++++++00088888888888______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ ________+++++++8888888888________ ________+++++++0088888888________ ________++++++0088888888_________

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

look at the nice and warm dog!!

Sweet I'm sixteen

Happy birthday to me!!!
I guess now is the time where all the people on the earth scream like little girls because another poor young juvenile has fallen into the great chasm of blackness and heartache called adulthood.
Although, I thankfully have a couple more years of warmth and comfort coming from a good loving home and good friends. Even though I am getting ever nearer to the time where I will get a very heavy boot out the door.
At least there is still time to frolic in fields of green grass. Right before I land (in some evil demented hole that some poor misguided muskrat probably dug. But then don't those vile creatures build mounds?? Anyway as I was saying before some VERY RUDE person interrupted me) and hopelessly twist my ankle while trying to get some Frisbee.
Well, I have to go now.